It’s time of the year again! Iconic red lanterns, colourful fireworks, and grand celebrations across the globe! Chinese New Year, also known as the Lunar New Year, is the biggest festival and celebration in China, and also among the Chinese people all over the world. In China, this festival is celebrated with a 7-day long holiday. In the coming year of 2019, the Chinese New Year is falling on 5 February.

The Chinese Zodiac follows a 12-year cycle where each year is represented by a specific animal. The cycle begins with Rat, followed by Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and ending off with Pig.

We are currently in the year of Dog, and entering into the year of 2019, which is the year of the Pig and also the final year of the cycle. People born in 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 and 2007 will be experiencing their Zodiac Year of Birth! From 2020, the cycle will begin with the year of Rat again!

In the coming year of Pig, we can expect celebrations during the Chinese New Year period! Celebrations and festivals signify opportunities for you to distribute gifts to your closed ones and company stakeholders. Adding your company and brand logo onto the gifts will help you to spread brand awareness of your company. When people receive your promotional gifts and they love it, they will use it through the Chinese New Year period. The more they use your gifts, the more brand awareness you create!


8 Gifts for a Auspicious Year Ahead

Everyone knows that 8 is an auspicious number. To make this more auspicious, here’s a list of 8 different gifts that you can offer to your friends, families, employees and clients!

Depending on your target audiences and your preferences, you should pick a gift which is the most suitable and relevant. When you’re planning for a gift, always consider about the target audience and choose a gift that they will like and use. If they do not use the gifts that you offer, it would defeat the purpose of gifting promotional gifts! In the list below, there are some gifts that are more suitable for people who are more senior in age, while there are some that are more suitable for the young.

Let’s take a look at these gifts for the new year ahead!


#1 – Wooden Coaster Set (Pig Shaped)

To start of the list, let’s have a promotional gift with the shape of a pig, to match the theme of the year of the Pig! When you are having home visits during the Chinese New year period, your hosts will definitely serve you drinks. A coaster set will be a near perfect gift! All drinks can be rested on the coasters. To make it perfect, turn the coaster set into the shape of a pig! 🙂 Add on your company logo onto each piece of coasters! It is guaranteed to gain everyone’s attention!


#2 – Pineapple Power Bank

Offering power bank will help your recipients power through the next year with maximum power! To spice things up, turn the power banks into Pineapple design! In Chinese culture, pineapple signifies prosperity! Gifting a practical gift will never go wrong! Power bank is a very practical gift that everyone uses (especially when the lifespan of most phones is very short!).


#3 – Poker Cards

Gambling with mahjong or poker cards is one of the most common activities during the Chinese New Year celebrations! Note: We do not encourage gambling 🙂 Poker cards with customised design (including your company logo) are ideal. People who receive the set of customised poker cards would be playing the cards with their peers, and their peers will become aware of your brand after noticing your company logo on the back of the cards. Other than the typical card design and material, you can consider premium cards such as those that have some gold plating!


#4 – Piggy Bank (Fortune Cat Shaped)

Start the year right by encouraging the saving of money! Piggy bank will do the job to encourage people to save money! Next, turn the piggy bank into the shape of a fortune cat. Fortune Cat signifies prosperity and attraction of wealth! Collectively, the piggy bank shaped as fortune cat signifies the attraction and cumulation of wealth! Offering these piggy banks as promotional gifts would be ideal!


# 5- Porcelain Plate for Lou Hei

Other than having steamboat, Lou Hei is an important part of Chinese dinner celebrations! Design the porcelain plate in your preferred way and offer them as a gift to people! Most people have Lou Hei at their own homes without proper plates. They often do it on plastic disposable plates as most people do not have a proper big plate for Lou Hei. Gifting porcelain plate is suitable for this purpose!


#6 – Traditional Tingkat

Tingkat is almost a thing of the past! But don’t make it become a history! In the recent years, there has been a trend of doing activities that reminisce the past. Ride on this trend and gift traditional tingkats to people! You can imprint your company logo and design onto these tingkats too.


#7 – Crafted Basket for Mandarin Oranges

Every family that celebrates Chinese New year has mandarin oranges in their homes. More often than not, families keep their mandarin oranges in some baskets or paper bags. Why not gift a custom crafted basket to everyone and households, where they can keep their mandarin oranges. You can add on a tag with your company logo to create brand awareness for your company.


#8 – Premium Cutleries Set

If you prefer a promotional gift that is not directly relevant to the Chinese New Year theme, you should decide on premium cutleries set. Instead of having the typical plastic or wooden cutleries, you can select materials and designs that look premium.


Our Take

Do not wait till the last minute to purchase promotional gifts for the Chinese New Year festival! Always plan 1 to 2 months in advance, otherwise you would not be able to find any suppliers that can produce and deliver the promotional gifts on time for the celebrations! Typically during the end of the year, suppliers are overwhelmed with orders and will stop accepting orders nearing to December. To avoid disappointments, plan and order your promotional gifts now!


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