Christmas is coming! People are rushing to shop for goodies and streets are shining with festival lights. This is the festive season of gifting! Why not make use of this festival to promote about your brand during this winter! This is the busiest time of the year where everyone is celebrating the end of the year and looking forward to a brand new year. Join in this festive mood and give some gifts to your families, friends, company stakeholders, employees and all!

Though it’s one month away, you have to plan ahead and purchase Christmas products and promotional gifts in advance! The later you make a purchase, the more expensive it is! As mentioned in our previous post, if you make a purchase during the peak season, the demand is high and supply is low, hence the price will be higher! Sometimes you might not get what you want even if you offer a high price because the manufacturers are really packed and running out of supply! If you don’t want to miss this chance to promote your brand, plan ahead and make decision now!

Here’s a range of unique and creative products to choose from! These will help you attract more customers during this busy shopping season! Show some Christmas spirit! Take a look at these ideas for Christmas gifts!



#1 – Christmas Tree

Yes, what’s Christmas without a Christmas tree and decorating them with beautiful ornaments? Christmas tree is a must in your home, company or retail shops to liven up the atmosphere! The process of finding, selecting and decorating the Christmas tree is a fun activity that your family members, peers and colleagues can enjoy together. On the eve of Christmas, what’s better than gathering near the tree and presents to have a good meal and celebrations!

The Christmas trees come in all shapes, sizes and designs. Depending on your situations and needs, you have to select different kinds of trees. If you buying trees to display in your hotel chains, huge real trees would be recommended to create a grand atmosphere. You should consider artificial trees for your own home or office decorations as these artificial trees have a long shelf life and can be kept for use in the following years. You can avoid the hassle of disposing the trees as well. These artificial trees are durable and can withstand the weather.

The trees have to be shaped correctly for you to decorate and sparkle them with ornaments. Colourful accessories and figurines of Santa Claus, Reindeers and Sleigh can be considered to make the trees more sexy!


#2 – Baubles

Your Christmas tree will not be complete without baubles! You can customise your baubles and decorate your trees with them! There are various designs, shapes, colours that you can customise for your baubles. On a practical note, it’s easier and cheaper to imprint logo onto flat baubles instead of the round baubles. It occupies less space as well!


#3 – Crackers

Another piece of ornaments for your Christmas tree! Customise the cracker to make the Christmas tree more vibrant! 🙂


#4 – Candle Holders

Candles are good for creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere and are common decorations for Christmas celebrations. The candle holders serve as popular and practical Christmas gifts! Choose either a candle or a holder, or combine both for the perfect gift!


#5 – Elf Hats

Other than decorating the site settings, you need some props for the people in the party as well! Get everyone in the party a customised elf hat! In an office setting, you can get all of your employees to wear the elf hats through Christmas eve! In an physical shop outlet setting, the service personnel can wear the hats to create a festive mood. Of course, in home parties, elf hats are suitable too!


#6 – Novelty Ties

To complement the elf hats, get some Christmas themed ties to complete the outfit! With a good designer, you can customize the ties to incorporate your company logo and Christmas theme.


#7 – Wrapping Paper

What’s Christmas without having gifts! Customise your wrapping paper with yourself created designs and patterns. Wrap your presents for your employees and colleagues with your customised wrapping paper!


#8 – Stockings & Socks

Stockings and socks are perfect gifts if you believe in the tradition of putting the gifts for your children into the stockings and socks, and hanging them near the fireplace or Christmas tree. Your children would be waiting to find out about their gifts on the Christmas eve 🙂 Make the experience special by selecting a pretty stocking or sock!


#9 – Mini Christmas Tree Lamp

Not everyone can afford or appreciate big Christmas trees. Mini Christmas tree lamp will be appropriate instead. A good replacement that gives off the Christmas atmosphere! Displaying them in your shops, houses or offices can help to lighten up the mood without needing to burn a big hole in your pocket!


Our Take

Choose your Christmas themed promotional products soon and place the order as soon as possible. Do not wait till the last minute right before Christmas strikes! The earlier you plan ahead, the more time you have to customise and select the most unique gift that make the Christmas season shine! Merry Christmas!




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