Thinking of what to gift for your company employees? Here are some tips for you!


What’s the occasion?

Is it for a special event such as your company Dinner and Dance (D&D)? Or is it a necessity where they need functional products?

For events, you may want to consider gifting premium products! If it’s functional products, you would have to select products that they are willing and like to use! 


These are popular items that are suitable for your company employees!

1. Lanyard and card holder

One of the most basic items that every employee owns is the company access card. To hold the access card, a set of lanyard and card holder will do the job!


2. Name card holder

Most employees would have their own name cards and issuing them a classy looking namecard holder will make them look good in front of your clients.


3. Laptop sleeve

If your firm practices hotdesking where your employees bring their laptops with them, laptop sleeve would be a perfect choice. Give them a laptop sleeve that they are proud to carry around with!


4. Webcam privacy cover

This is one of the hottest gift in the market right now! Cyber privacy is always an ongoing concern. Have you heard that hackers are able to hack into your computer and record your every actions through your webcam? It’s true! Have a webcam privacy cover to block and unblock the webcam whenever you want.

5. Ezlink card

Ezlink card is a practical gift that everyone will be able to use. You can customise ezlink cards with your company design and top up with a complimentary balance.

6. Tumbler

Your personnel would love to have a classy steel tumbler which they can use to sip their warm green tea or their chilled soft drinks!


7. Cup with spoon

A cup with spoon will allow them to make all kinds of snacks and stay awake!


8. Pen

A straightforward functional gift that everyone will use.


9. Notebook with sticky pad

Writing materials never go wrong!


10. Towel

Encourage your employees to stay active by exercising regularly. Give them towels that they can bring to the gym.


Hope you have gained some inspirations from these ideas!

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