Happy new year 2019! As the new year dawns, you should be aware of the upcoming holidays and observances in Singapore so that you can plan for promotional goods and corporate gifts in time for these occasions. Gifting promotional goods to your customers, employees and other company stakeholders during holidays and observances is a smart and cost effective way to spread brand awareness and at the same time appreciate your stakeholders.


Why should you plan for promotional and corporate gifts in advance

As mentioned in our previous post, planning and ordering promotional and corporate gifts way in advance of the festival will bring about several benefits and help you to avoid various issues. Planning and buying promotional and corporate gifts at the last minute is never a good idea! Here’s the lists of “to-do” and “to-avoid”!


#1 – Lower the MOQ (minimum order quantity) required

Typically, suppliers ask for a MOQ for each order. When the order is very rushed, the suppliers are less likely to give in to your requests to lower MOQ. When you have more time allowance, you can negotiate harder for lower MOQ and they are more likely to accept your requests. You don’t want to be forced into purchasing at a higher MOQ!


#2 – Lower cost

Expecting your suppliers to provide you with your required promotional and corporate gifts under a tight timeline would logically means a higher price. To avoid paying unnecessary high premium, plan and order early so that your supplier can take their time to produce the gifts at a normal pace.


#3 – Getting what you want.

If you place the order too late, you risk not being able to purchase the gifts that you want as most suppliers would be packed and unable to take up last minute orders. Even if you offer higher price, suppliers might not agree to it as they are really max out in their production capacities. The more customised your product is, the more difficult it is to be produced under short notice.


#4 – Reduced risk of missing deadline

You might run into issues with a tight timeline. Tight timeline means that you have lesser allowance for mistakes and delays. In the production and shipment of goods, it’s normal to run into problems and delays. If you definitely need the goods before a certain festival or date, you should not risk having a tight timeline.


#5 – Reduced risk of imperfect goods

With a rushed production lead time, it means that your suppliers would be under pressure to produce a large quantity under a short amount of time. Naturally, the odds of messing up the quality of goods increases. Not all suppliers work well under time pressure.



Holidays and Observances 2019

Here’s a list of the holidays and observances in Singapore for 2019. Take note of these important dates and do your planning accordingly!

Date Weekday Holiday  Holiday Type
01-Jan Tuesday New Year’s Day National holiday
21-Jan Monday Thaipusam Observance
05-Feb Tuesday Chinese New Year’s Day National holiday
06-Feb Wednesday Chinese New Year’s Day 2 National holiday
14-Feb Thursday Valentine’s Day Observance
15-Feb Friday Total Defense Day Observance
08-Mar Friday International Women’s Day Observance
21-Mar Thursday March Equinox Season
01-Apr Monday April Fool’s Day Observance
19-Apr Friday Good Friday National holiday
20-Apr Saturday Easter Saturday Observance
21-Apr Sunday Easter Sunday Observance
01-May Wednesday Labour Day National holiday
12-May Sunday Mother’s Day Observance
18-May Saturday International Museum Day Observance
19-May Sunday Vesak Day National holiday
20-May Monday Vesak Day observed National holiday
05-Jun Wednesday Hari Raya Puasa National holiday
16-Jun Sunday Father’s Day Observance
21-Jun Friday June Solstice Season
01-Jul Monday Singapore Armed Forces Day Observance
21-Jul Sunday Racial Harmony Day Observance
09-Aug Friday National Day National holiday
11-Aug Sunday Hari Raya Haji National holiday
12-Aug Monday Hari Raya Haji observed National holiday
23-Sep Monday September Equinox Season
04-Oct Friday Children’s Day Observance
27-Oct Sunday Diwali/Deepavali National holiday
28-Oct Monday Diwali/Deepavali observed National holiday
22-Dec Sunday December Solstice Season
24-Dec Tuesday Christmas Eve Observance
25-Dec Wednesday Christmas Day National holiday
31-Dec Tuesday New Year’s Eve Observance



Singapore School Holidays 2019

If your company’s targeted audiences are Singapore students from primary school, secondary schools, junior college, polytechnics and universities, then you have to be familiar with the school holidays and term holidays. Knowing their holidays allow you to plan for events and activities accordingly, and to purchase appropriate promotional and corporate gifts for them in time for their holidays.


#1 – School Holidays

All MOE primary and secondary schools will begin its’ school year for 2019 from 2 January to 15 November 2019.

Youth Day, 7 July 2019

Teachers’ Day, 6 September 2019

Children’s Day, 4 October 2019


#2 – School Term Holidays

After Term 1 Saturday, 16 March to Sunday, 24 March 2019

After Term 2 Saturday, 1 June to Sunday, 30 June 2019

After Term 3 Saturday, 7 September to Sunday, 15 September 2019

After Term 4 Saturday, 16 November to Saturday, 31 December 2019



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Our Take

Always plan early for your promotional and corporate gifts! If you plan and buy too late, you might not be able to get what you want, and even if you do, you have to do it at a premium pricing due to high demand and low supply. Now that you know about all of the holidays and important dates in 2019, start planning now!



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