Are you racking your brain for promotional gift ideas that your recipients (customers, employees, friends and etc) can use in their homes? Promotional gifts that can be used in homes are ideal as people spend most of their time at homes. If you give people products that they would use at home, they will repeatedly see your company logo that is imprinted on the promotional products, hence creating more brand awareness for your brand.


Top 8 Household Gifts

Always choose a gift that people will use! If you choose a product that people won’t use, or will keep it in their drawers, then it will defeat the purpose of promotional gifts! Here’s a list of promotional gifts that your recipients will bound to use regularly in their homes!


#1 – Towels

Towels are necessities in every home, and they can be brought outdoor to gyms, hiking, camping, trips, events and etc. Towels can be customised in different sizes and colours. Microfiber towels are very suitable for most scenarios as they take up very little space, absorb much water and dry up really fast! They are also durable and easy to wash.

For companies related to sports and fitness industries, towels are great gifts to offer as these towels are very relevant to your brands, and are very practical.You can give out 1 towel as a gift with every purchase, when they purchase any of your company products.

For the material of the towel, you can choose the colours that match your company brand, and include your company logo. Logo can be silkscreen printed or embroidery, where the latter is more durable but more expensive. Overall, towels are very durable, hence users can use the towels for a long time. If they use the towels over a long period of time, they will be looking at your company logo and remembering your brand.


#2 – Biodegradable Cutlery Sets

As people trend towards the concept of being eco-friendly, biodegradable cutlery set is an ideal gift. Users can use these cutlery sets at home, or they can bring them out to school or work. After you use these cutlery sets in the outdoors, simply wash them, put them back into the container and bring them home.

We can all do our part to save the environment. Use less of disposable plastic cutleries, and use our own portable biodegradable cutlery set instead. As a company, getting known for being eco-friendly leads to better brand appeal.


#3 – Flasks

As discussed in our previous post, flasks have many functions and designs. In homes, everyone uses bottles, cups or flasks, regardless of whether they are at the desks, dining tables or beds. With a custom flasks with your company logo, the users are reminded of your brand every time they pick up and put down the flask. Furthermore, when their guests visit their homes, they would become aware of your brand as well.

Depending on the materials and designs of the flasks, you can create different kinds of logos. For metallic flasks, the logos would be lasered and it will look more premium. For plastic flasks, the logo would be silk-screen printed and it will look more affordable.


#4 – Stationery Set

Stationery set can includes various stationeries such as notepads, pens, staplers, staples, punchers, rulers, erasers and etc. You can customise the container and each individual items with your company logo. Depending on your budget, choose the items that you want to include into the stationery set. If you offer stationery sets to your stakeholders, rest assured that they will accept it because no one will say NO to free stationery sets! 🙂

To make the stationery set more attractive, consider about using metallic or eco-friendly materials. Otherwise, you can stick to simple plastic materials.


#5 – Toiletry Bag

Toiletry bag is the optimal solution to keep all of your toiletries such as liquids and beauty products into one accessible and easy place. This promotional gift is very suitable for companies in the beauty and cosmetic fields.

The bag can be used in homes, and can also be brought out for overseas or outdoor trips. You can bring them to overseas trips and use them in hostels or hotels. You can also bring them to outdoor activities such as camping and hiking trips. Your company logo can be imprinted on the front part of the bag such that the brand visibility is maximised. The users would be looking at the logo on the bags everyday!


#6 – Wall Hooks

Wall hooks can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, living room and toilets. It is lightweight, takes up very little space and can be given out as gifts easily. The wall hooks can be customised in various ways such as having your custom shape as the base, or having a simple shape as the base but imprinted with your company logo. Depending on the materials used, the hook can easily carry up to 5kg worth of products.


#7 – Coasters

What’s worse than finding tea or coffee stains on the surface of your tables? Having coasters would solve the problem!

These coasters are usually made from cork, or can be made from bamboo if you have higher budget. These materials have good heat protection qualities and can be washed to get rid of the stains when it’s dirty. For cork material, it’s eco-friendly and can be durable if you are careful not to break it!

The coasters usually come in a circular shape, and your company logo can be printed on either of the sides. If you are creative, you can custom make the coaster in different shapes, designs and colours

Coasters as gifts are particularly relevant if your company is in the coffee, tea and drinks industry. You can give them out in packages of 4 as free gifts when they purchase drink products from your company. You can also gift them out at events.


#8 – Tote Bags

Tote bags are great promotional gifts as they have a huge area for you to print your brand logo and name. They can be customised in terms of materials and shape as well. Non-woven material is a common material used for tote bags.

Most importantly, these bags are reusable and have many practical functions in homes. Users can bring the bags out for shopping or use them in home to hold onto items. These bags, whether non-woven, woven or plastics, are very durable and can hold heavy goods. They can be used for a long period of time. As a result, users will be looking at your brand logo over a long period of time, hence creating more brand impressions and awareness.


Our Take

Pick your favourite household items and grow your brand with these promotional gifts now! Customise your gift with your company logo and design! Household items are very practical and your users would definitely use them over a long period of time, creating lasting brand awareness for your brand!



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