In this season of festivals such as Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year, gifts are a must. However if you do not have the budget or time to prepare for gifts, then cards will do the job. It’s a nice way to let those people who you think about know that you are thinking of them even though you don’t have time to catch up with them.

Instead of a boring 2D card, or a insincere digital message, why not make your message really pop? That’s where a pop up card comes into play! Pop up cards are suitable for any occasion, and they will make your gift and message stand out from others. Imagine opening a card and the object jumps out at you!

Pop up cards give off the impression of homemade cards, that people use to do in the past. It’s more sincere than buying off-the-shelves 2D cards from the retailers.

Customised pop up card is a creative way to show your gratitude to your customers, clients and other stakeholders while promoting you brand. Regardless of the occasion, giving away customised greeting cards as promotional goods can help you boost your brand presence and impression. You can customise the pop up card to match your brand image and theme, and to deliver your brand message.


Pop Up 3D Greeting Cards

To give you a flavour of the diverse ranges and types of pop up greeting cards, here are a few designs that are out in the market.

#1 – Birthdays

Enough of lousy handmade cards, or off-the-shelves 2D birthday cards from the retailers! For birthdays, get a 3D pop up card to stand out from the others. Even if you are not getting any gifts for your friends and stakeholders, gifting them with these 3D pop up cards might just be enough!


#2 – Festivals

Greeting cards are suitable for every festivals. Currently, it’s Christmas, the season of gifting and loving! Along with the gifts that you have prepared, top it up with a pop up card!


#3 – Love

You might want to write a note to your closed and loved ones, but are not intending to get any gifts. Then this pop up card will suffice! Get a suitable pop up card and simply write your message inside!


#4 – Products

There are cards in the market that feature certain product. If you are lucky, you might find designs that suit your company. In the example below, if you are a florist, then this card will be very relevant for you.


#5 – Landmarks

The 3D greeting cards are very appropriate for showcasing landmarks! You can turn any famous landmarks into pop up cards!


Customised 3D Greeting Cards

Here are a few important notes to consider if you wish to design custom pop up greeting cards as promotional goods.

#1 – Materials

In general, the materials are art kraft paper of various thickness and GSM. The cards will have different appearance and feel depending on the kinds of colour paper and texture paper used. Clearly, thinner paper and lesser colours will be cheaper. If you have a tight budget, you would want to choose or design a greeting cards that have less colours and details.


#2 – Design

It’s important to consider about what your recipients would like to see and receive. Promotional gifts that are not relevant or interesting to the recipients are failures. The most important concept of promotional gifts is that you have to give your recipients a gift that they like, and would want to use. Only if they like it and use it, would you be able to spread your brand awareness using the promotional gifts.

If you are a sports and fitness company, you can design the pop up objects to be sports facilities, figures or objects. For a food and beverage (F&B) retailer, restaurants or food designs as pop ups are very relevant. Tourism and travel companies prefer pop up cards with designs of cultural icons. In essence, you can customise any kind of designs that are relevant to your brand and industry for your greeting cards.

To kickstart the customised greeting 3D cards process, there are two ways about it. Firstly, you can pick from the existing designs and customise it further from there. This would be easier and faster as you can comfortably pick a design that you like, and simply tweak it from there. Otherwise, you can come out with a 2D design, and our production team will produce a 3D design accordingly.


#3 – Message

Other than than laser-cut pop up designs, you should also consider about the message or text that you wish to include in the card. Keep your message short and sweet and let the pop up design do the job of conveying the message. The message will be at the blank space around the pop up object. There aren’t much space hence the message should be concise. Alternatively, you can have the envelope printed with your message.


#4 – Branding

To finish up a good promotional gift, you always need to imprint your own company brand and logo on the gift such that recipients will see your brand whenever they use your gift. No difference for 3D greeting cards, you have to imprint your logo on it. Either you plan for your company brand and logo to be part of the pop up objects, or you can simply imprint your logo on the back of the cards. In the latter, you don’t have to stress about incorporating your brand into the pop up objects which might seem forceful and irrelevant; simply have your company logo at the back of the cards will suffice.


#5 – Packaging

The standard card sizes are 10 x 15 CM, 12 x 12 CM, 13 x 18 CM, 15 x 15 CM and 15 x 20 CM. Each 3D greeting card is packaged with a white envelope and then plastic polybag.


Our Take

Be different. 2D cards are too boring. Digital messages are not sincere. 3D pop up cards are the perfect match.

3D greeting cards are suitable for various occasions. There are various festivals and celebrations through each year (New Year, Chinese New Year, Valentine Day, Hari Raya, Deepavali, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas, National Day, Birthdays and many more!). These greeting cards are suitable for all occasions!

To keep things simple, you can select existing designs and imprint them with your company brand and logo as promotional gifts. If you wish to take things further, we have our in-house designer who can design a relevant pop up card that match your company branding and marketing needs.  



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