If you are looking for a cost-effective yet practical promotional merchandise and corporate gift, customised water bottle, flask or cup might be what you need! Drink bottles make good promotional goods as people will use them very often, whether at home, at work, at sports, and everywhere else! With your company brand and logo imprinted on the drink bottles, it will create free advertising for your company whenever people use your bottles!




Suitable occasions to use bottles as promotional goods

One of the greatest qualities of using water bottles as promotional goods is its versatility. These bottles can be given out in different types of occasions. Here are some of examples.

#1 – Corporate Use

You might want to give your employees water bottles or flasks or cups that they can use it in their daily office life. Drinking coffee, tea or soft drinks is part of everyone’s daily working life. Giving them these bottles, flasks or cups would be very suitable. With most employees in the company using the same bottles, it will create a strong sense of company unity.

#2 – Home Use

Without a doubt, everyone uses water bottles at home on a daily basis. Let’s say that you give customers water bottles with your company logo imprinted, the bottle will always be sitting somewhere in their home. Whenever your customers take up the bottle for a drink, or put it down on the table beside their TV or laptop, they will be taking another glance at your bottle and logo. All these brand impressions are invaluable for your company.

#3 – Outdoor Use

Bottles could be used everywhere outdoors, such as going to school, going for shopping, going for events and etc. When these bottles are used outdoors, friends and peers of the users of the bottles would take notice of your company logo on the bottles. The curious minds might ask the users about your company after noticing your bottles. Paying attention to the design of the bottles is hence important as great designs will draw more attention and conversations.

#4 – Sports Use

We need to replenish water the most when we are having sports activities such as marathons, basketball, volleyball and etc. And what’s more important than having a water bottle around while we are exercising? There are many custom designs for sports usage that you should consider if you are planning to give out sports bottles to your stakeholders. Certain designs and materials are more suitable for sports than others. For example, if you are targeting outdoor enthusiasts such as hikers and climbers, you need materials that are durable and versatile such as stainless steel. Choose the appropriate ones! If your company is inside or related to the sports industries, sports bottles are highly recommended as promotional gifts. It ties in well with your company image.




Reasons to use promotional water bottles

Other than knowing the suitable occasions to use water bottles as promotional merchandises and corporate gifts, you should also know about the various characteristics of promotional water bottles.

#1 – Health Factor

Staying hydrated is arguably the most important thing in everyone’s life. Government and corporates are actively reminding their people to stay hydrated especially in tropical countries. Distributing water bottles to your people would instill the concept and its importance of drinking sufficient liquid to stay healthy and not fall ill.

#2 – Style

More than 100 different designs of water bottles are available for your choosing. You can choose any existing designs and simply imprint your company logo and brand on the bottles. With the logo on the bottle, it will attract user’s attention and help you achieve the objective of increasing your brand exposure.

#3 – Customisability

If you are creative or adventurous, you can even design your own water bottles! You can choose different sizes, colours, materials and etc to cater to your target audience. As long as the material is safe (e.g. BPA Free), you can be as creative as possible and design the most creative water bottles.

#4 – Practicability

Water bottles are durable and can be used over a long period of time such as 3 years. It can be used to store various liquids of various temperature. People can bring it to gym, to work, and to overseas. It’s probably one of the most practical gifts out there!

#5 – Cost-Effectiveness

We’ve discussed about plenty benefits of using water bottles as promotional gifts and corporate gifts. What makes this suggestion very attractive is the fact that customised water bottles can be obtained at a very affordable rate!




What are the considerations when selecting the bottles?

Now that we understand the value of having bottles as promotional goods and corporate gifts, we should know how to go about ordering them.

#1 – Materials

The usual materials for water bottles are plastic, silicone, stainless steel and aluminium. Depending on the situation and intention, you might want to select different materials. For example, stainless steel bottles are perfect for outdoor activities such as travelling, camping, hiking, and etc. They are durable, sturdy and resistant to scratches.

#2 – Sizes

Capacity of bottles is measured in terms of litres or ounces. Knowing the objective of your promotional merchandises will help you make better decision in terms of selection of the capacity. If it’s intended for home use, you might want to choose bottles that have capacity of more than 1 litres. If it’s intended for users to put the bottles in their bags and bring out of home, it should be around 500ml.

#3 – Colours and Imprints

You can select your brand colours and customise your water bottles accordingly with those specific brand colours. For imprints,  the most common kind of imprints for water bottles is silkscreen imprint. It can be 1C, 2C, 3C or 4C colour imprints.




Our take

People love promotional merchandises and corporate gifts with high utility value and customised water bottle is a good example! Versatile, cost-effective, and practical, these are the characteristics that make these customised water bottles ideal for marketing and advertising your company brand. It will make a long-lasting impression on people. Your company will hence always be remembered.


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