Here are our top 5 recommendations for corporate gifts in 2020. Let’s dive in!


1. Face Masks

In this year where the world is troubled by a pandemic, what’s a gift that is more sincere and meaningful than a disposable surgical mask or reusable cotton mask? Nothing. 

Though it’s not recommended, but if time allows, customise the packaging boxes of the disposable surgical masks and gift it to your stakeholders and their families. 

In the event where supply of disposable surgical masks is not available, we can always consider reusable cotton masks; it’s better than not wearing masks at all! 

We hear and see that there are people who are not keen in wearing masks as the masks are not very visually appealing, though this is not a good time to be overly concerned about one’s physical outlook. Safety should always be the top priority!.

Regardless, to deal with that, customise trendy looking cotton masks and gift them to others. 

Stay safe and stay cool!



2. Privacy Webcam Cover

While people across the globe are staying and working at home in a bid to flatten the curve of the spreading virus, people are spending more time on their electronic devices, more than ever. And that means that the rates of cyber crimes would possibly spike.

Do you know that hackers can hack into your computer and record all of your actions through your webcam? Scary isn’t it? We are already in threat physically due to the ongoing pandemic, so let’s not be threatened online as well.

Get a webcam privacy cover to block and unblock the webcam whenever you want. Unblock the camera when you are communicating for work or personal reasons, but quickly block it thereafter.

You would be looking at the cover everyday so do spend some time to customise it!



3. Metal Straw Sets

Other than the human population being under threat of the pandemic, our planet earth herself is under all sorts of threats. Our over-reliance on plastic materials are destroying marine life and polluting the earth.

In recent years, we have seen an increasing effort to reduce usage of plastic materials, in particular, non-necessity products such as utensils.

Plastic straws are amongst the products which are heavily used though it’s not a necessity. Several big F&B corporations are paving the way to reduce or eliminate the usage of plastic straws by removing it out from their restaurants.

So what are the alternatives? You should either not use it at all, or you should use straws made of other materials.

Metal straws are without a doubt the most popular alternative since last year and expected to be well in demand through 2020. The metallic straws come in different colours and sizes and the carriers can be made of different materials such as biodegradable wheat or cotton. Logos can be laser-ed or craved on the straws itself and can be imprinted on the carriers.

People are using them not only because they are contributing to the environmentally friendly cause, but it looks cool to be seen carrying or using a set of the straws! 

Why not look cool while saying the earth? 🙂 


4. Bamboo Straw Sets

For those who are not too keen on metal straws as you are too lazy to wash them, bamboo straws might be the option for you. These bamboo straw sets are biodegradable and non-harmful to the earth. 

You can simply bring a set of them around and dispose of each straw after usage without having to wash them.

The trend of using bamboo straws has yet to fully take off or peak. Grab a set of bamboo straw sets and you are on your way to be a trendsetter!


5. Custom Plush Toys

There is a theme of products that are not related to human safety, cyber security or environmentally friendly cause, but never goes out of trend. 

Yup. Cute, adorable and squishy products! 

With people spending more time at home on their sofas and beds, what’s better than having a cute plushie accompanying you through those lonely time? 

Plushies can be customised in all sizes, shapes and colours. Be creative and create your own customised plushie!

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